Website Redesigning Get a new fresh look to your website

Website Redesigning

We specialize in website redesign and website revamps. If you have had a site for a while it will probably be looking a bit dated. Maybe you are happy with the design, but wish to add more functionality. We can work with the existing site and add in new features, including content management systems, user forums, online shops, interactive photo galleries, online chat, social media integration, Responsive web site (Responsive websites look professional and can give your company a competitive edge) and much more.

Why your site needs redesign?

  • Here are some signs that your website may need a facelift:
  • 1. Its not optimized for mobile (Responsive): More than 17% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, so Optimizing your website for mobile/tablet devices is imperative.
  • 2. It is Flash: If your website is still in Flash, it’s time for an update because…
    - It is not optimized for mobile devices
    - It loads slowly
    - It is not good for SEO
  • 3. It has a low Search Engine Ranking: Did you know that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly important factor in your digital presence. SEO affects where your website is ranked when a potential customer searches for the services you provide.
  • 4. Your Brand Messaging Has Changed: If your brand messaging has changed as your company has evolved, this is another indication that your site may be in need of a makeover. Since a website can be the main motivator that drives visitors to choose to do business with your company, you want to make sure that it caters to your target audience and makes a good first impression.
  • 5. You Don’t Have a Content Management System: A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily edit your website from a central interface. You’ll want to be able to manage your website and update the content without having to change codes and/or hire a web developer to edit the code. A CMS allows you to go in and modify, delete, add and/or organize content without excess hassle. A CMS is especially handy for editing content related to special offers, campaigns or rewards and contests that tend to change often.